Harvest to bottle Workshops

One on one workshops until end March 2021

On offer is a one day workshop 10am – 5:00pm designed for those who are interested in understanding the whole process from growing your own plants through harvesting, choice of stills, packing the still, distilling and cleaning your equipment. Storing, packaging and labelling can also be explored.   This is an introduction to the fine art of producing essential oils and hydrosols. 

A hands-on, learning by doing. We will spend the day working through the process together from start to finish. Due to the uncertainty of the times, there are no set dates, a time can be arranged to suit either weekends or weekdays. Individuals or small groups (max. 3) can be catered for.

You will need to bring your own secateurs and gloves.

Some bending is required for harvesting the rosemary but no heavy lifting or other extreme physical requirements necessary.

You will take home:

Basic notes with references 

100ml of hydrosol

Follow up questions welcome.

On the farm: The Mine, Woorarra East

Lunch, tea, coffee, and cold drinks will be provided.

Cost:  Dependant on group size. $350 for a one on one.

To Book:   Email granitebar@iinet.net.au or call Bridget 0459 212 118.

For background information about us and the farm please see the interview with Cygnet Perfumery.

Covid adherence

All activities apart from the actual distilling take place outdoors. The still setup will comply with social distancing requirements.

Payment Methods:

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