Harvest to bottle Workshops

Workshops starting again October 2021

These workshops are designed for those who love essential oils and hydrosols and would like to know more about how they are produced. We offer two different types of workshops but in both, we will go through the whole process together from harvesting to turning off the still. This is an introduction to the fine art of producing essential oils and hydrosols, which is both an art and a science. You will get a taste of the magic that is revealed in working with aromatic plants and this ancient process that reminds us of our part in the ecosystem of life.

There are two types of workshops:

One day experience - for those interested in an experience, gaining a greater understanding of oils and hydrosols, how they are produced, and ways to use them. We will go through the whole process together from harvesting to the bottle. You will be participating in harvesting, stripping, packing the still, and testing during distillation. We will have lunch on the deck showcasing local produce. Approx. 10am - 5pm You will take home 100ml of hydrosol.

Cost $220pp min 3 max 6 people per group

Come as your own group $170pp min 4 max 6 people

Two-day Intensive on distilling -  for those interested in distilling themselves and wanting to learn about equipment, set up, and what is involved in all the aspects. These workshops are one-on-one or can be organised for a couple together. It is a full two-day course ( 10am - 5pm) and can be done on two consecutive days or two separate days to suit. We will do be doing two full distillations from harvest to the bottle and you will take home 500ml of hydrosol, notes about types of stills, suppliers, regulations, packaging, storage, and much more. Bring your own lunch, tea coffee, cold drinks provided.

All participants will need to bring their own secateurs and gloves. There is some bending required but no heavy lifting or other extreme physical activity. The idea is to have fun, be immersed in wonderful aromas, and enjoy our beautiful property. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to talk about any particular needs.

On the farm: The Mine, Woorarra East

To check out available dates and book - Email granitebar@iinet.net.au or call Bridget 0459 212 118.

For background information about us and the farm please see the interview with Cygnet Perfumery.

Covid adherence

All activities apart from the actual distilling take place outdoors. The still setup will comply with social distancing requirements.