Spring /Summer

Distilling workshops are designed for those who are curious or love essential oils and hydrosols and would like to know more about what they are and how they are produced. We offer two different types of workshops but in both, we will go through the whole process together from harvesting to turning off the still. This is an introduction to the fine art of producing essential oils and hydrosols -both an art and a science. You will get a taste of the magic revealed in working with aromatic plants. This ancient process reminds us of our part in the ecosystem of life.


One-day distilling workshop 

An immersive experience on a rosemary farm in South Gippsland (Victoria). This includes an aroma meditation, an introduction to what essential oils and hydrosols are, and the different ways they are produced. The day includes lunch where the focus is on local organic produce. At the end of the day you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You will go home with new knowledge about producing, using, and 'smelling' essential oils.


  • 10am-4pm

  • Join a group $250pp min 3 max 6

  • Bring your own group of 4-6 $200pp

Register via email sending through any date preferences or call Bridget to discuss.

Two-day intensive - learn to distill

The intricacies of distilling, for those interested in learning the art of distillation themselves. These workshops are one-on-one or for a couple together. It is a full two-day course (10am - 5pm) and can be done on two consecutive days or two separate days to suit. We will do be doing two full distillations from harvest to the bottle and you will take home products from your distillations, notes about types of stills, suppliers, regulations, packaging, storage, and much more. The focus is on sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained, to enable you to create your own setup and distill. There is the option for follow-up engagement with me should that be helpful.



  • 10am-5pm each day

  • $700/individual or $1000 for two

Register via email sending through any date preferences or call Bridget to discuss.