Rosemary is commonly referred to as the herb of remembrance, there are many stories that relate to this from cultures around the world. In  Ancient Greece and Rome, students were said to wear sprigs of rosemary in their hair and around their necks, to strengthen memory. This example has been revisited more recently in the UK where the BBC reported that exam revision students should 'smell rosemary for memory' citing a study showing that pupils working in a room with the aroma of rosemary, in the form of essential oil, achieved 5-7% better results in memory tests! Rosemary is also often associated with rituals of death; sprigs thrown in graves and it is planted at cemeteries across the world. Oddly enough it is simultaneously associated with love, and found playing a part in weddings of all cultures. It is hard to find anything to, not like about rosemary.


The properties of rosemary depend upon the particular variety of rosemary being distilled and local environmental conditions. We grow Rosmarinus officinalis "Herb Cottage" and with our particular soil and conditions produce an oil that is high in alpha pinene and verbenone. When smelling alongside other rosemary oils the difference is obvious ours being more sweet and earthy, and less camphorous. These qualities have been shown to be unique to rosemary grown in South Eastern Australia. We find it to be uplifting whilst at the same time grounding, refreshing and clarifying, stimulating and regenerative to the skin, and capable of relieving pain both muscular and arthritic.


Rosemary oil and hydrosol are used in aromatherapy, perfumery, and in many cosmetics and home products.



GC/MS report available on request.