Rosemary ct Verbenone Essentail Oil

Rosemary ct Verbenone Essentail Oil


Our rosemary grown in South Gippsland, Australia has a high verbenone content and is low camphor. This makes a gentle oil with a sweet and earthy complexity. It has wonderful pain relieving qualities and is excellent for lung and respiratory congestion.

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    Rosemary Essential oil reknowned for it's stimulating effect; on memory, as a muscular relaxant, pain reliever, and mild antiseptic qualities. Our South Gippsland oil is ct Verbenone and particularly good with lung support and pain management. It comes in a 10ml amber glass bottle with dropper. Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight. All bottles come with trackable batch number.  We only use our own rosemary grown and distilled on site in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.


    Uses: Massage, it is recommended to dilute in a carrier oil such as almond or avocado and test initially as sensitivities vary. Also used in diffusers and inhalations.