Rosemary plant
Home grown and distilled rosemary
About us

We are artisan growers and distillers of rosemary. Our aim is to do one thing and do it well. We grow one species of Rosemary - Rosmarinus Officinalis "Herb Cottage" in South Gippsland, Victoria Australia.  Our Australian soils and conditions mean that we produce the very special Verbonone type rosemary essential oil (GMS available on request). This is a less common form of rosemary oil and smells more herbaceous and less camphorous, than the more common rosemary oils from the Mediterranean.  I am often asked what do I like best about this oil. I find it incredibly grounding, it makes me feel more balanced and reassured in day-to-day activities. A beautiful book called Portraits in Oils by Phillippe Mailhebiau (pub. 1995) gives a monograph of the most ancient of oils in which there is reference to, both the symptoms commonly treated with the oil and what he calls the characterology of the oil. Here you will find the cultural history of the oil and its uses. Rosemary (verbenone) in this realm is a sacred plant associated with ceremonies including death, marriage, fertility, and all manner of spiritual myth and legend from which it emerges as both, "the most exceptional and the most uncomplicated, and it is precisely this special character which enables it to be universal and thus prescribed and used by everyone."

The oil is gentle, grounding, and stimulating, cleansing of the liver, clearing passages and aiding circulation and digestion. It is said to promote healthy lungs, particularly where relating to cold or flu-type symptoms. It can be particularly useful in pain management both muscular and arthritic, it is highly sought after for skincare products.


The verbenone type in hydrosol form is known as the queen of anti-aging. It is well absorbed by the skin leaving it hydrated smooth and supple. 


Our philosophy in gardening is to work with local conditions, naturally to allow the plant to prosper. Rosemary was chosen to fit with our site conditions. Therefore our rosemary is organically produced although not certified. 

Essential oil

Extremely concentrated oil extracted from fresh rosemary by steam passing through the leaves and flowers. Oil collects on top of the hydrosol.


To distill rosemary we strip the plant from the stems and place in a column above boiling water. Steam passes through the rosemary and the oil molecules attach. The steam then passes through a condenser ( cold water) and becomes a liquid, comprising hydrosol and oil.  


The aromatic water that has been through the rosemary, and contains tiny molecules of oil and other aromatics. It has a pH of less than 5 making it easy to be absorbed by the skin. We use rainwater.