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Feeding the body from outside in and inside out


Since time immemorial rosemary has been used as a flavouring in foods. It is a tonic for the liver and aides digestion. It has a wholesome, fresh and refreshing complex rounded flavour, green and earthy. In a similar fashion to the essential oil the flavour pairs well with others not always needing to be the star of the party but providing depth and wholeness, adding something which you can't quite put your finger on.


Drinking aRqua

The perfect alcohol and sugar-free aperitif. 5ml in 150ml of sparkling water adjusting to personal taste.  This is a refreshing cleansing drink perfect for pre or post-meal. 

For those looking to enliven cocktails this is a great additive. Remember it is intense so you don't need much. I spray the glass first and then add gin or my favourite  Campari soda also delicious in Negroni. Definitely plenty of others out there that would benefit from a couple of drops or a spray. 

Available in 30ml spray or dropper bottle perfect to fit in the pocket or handbag.

In cooking

Add to both sweet and savoury dishes rosemary essence provides a depth in flavour like a base note in perfume it rounds and grounds other flavours whilst it can also take centre stage. Replace the water in pastry recipes with aRqua for both sweet and savoury pies. It is also delicious in pasta sauces and risotto. It is perfect for anzac biscuits and I am about to try it in shortbread.  Recipes coming soon.

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