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Growing & distilling rosemary essential oil and rosemary hydrosol in South Gippsland,  Victoria, Australia.

I am a small-scale distiller, primarily of Rosemary, Salvia rosmarinus (Rosmarinus officinalis), producing essential oil and hydrosol. All the botanicals I use are grown on the farm organically (no pesticides, no fertilisers )and distilled with steam in traditional copper stills.

One and two-day distilling workshops, are available on request. See workshops page.

South Gippsland, Australia

Hi, my name is Bridget and I am Granite Bar Rosemary. I am a qualified aromatherapist and a multi media  artist. Six years ago my partner and I started looking for a property in South Gippsland where we could grow rosemary and distill for essential oil and hydrosol.  We found the perfect property in the foothills of the Strezlecki Ranges with an open area for planting to the northeast, views to the sea, and embraced by bush. We planted 500 Salvia rosmarinus (rosemarinus officinalis) tubes in April the following year, then armed with a small copper still set about learning the art of traditional steam distillation.

It has taken time; waiting for the rosemary to grow, learning how to distill, and setting up the distillery. Although the intention was to limit ourselves to one plant species of course the temptation to experiment is always there. Last year I did a co-distillation of rosemary and geranium with superb results. I have done small batches of chamomile and clary sage, which I will do again, bearing in mind that one of our core values is only to distill plants we grow here in South Gippsland. 


Prom Coast Collective

For those in Victoria, you can order online through the Prom Coast Collective and get your local produce from South Gippsland at the same time. 

Delivered to your door once a week.

The Handmaker's Store

The Handmakers store has a vast array of the best handmade goods from South Gippsland. Perfect for original gifts for that special person.

17 Falls Rd.,

Fish Creek

Open Thurs - Sun 10-3

Some products are available in bulk for practitioners.

Please email with enquiries.

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